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At ReadOn, we are a dynamic global media group deeply committed to delivering top-tier business content through our diverse range of content platforms.

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Our robust portfolio includes digital magazines, business blogs, podcasts, and video channels, each tailored to cater to different aspects of the business world.

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We collaborate with industry leaders, seasoned professionals, and business academics to bring you in-depth analysis, opinions, and forecasts that you can rely on.

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From Wall Street to emerging markets, ReadOn covers a broad spectrum of business topics including finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, technology, and much more.

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Stay ahead of the curve with our real-time news updates and comprehensive market analysis, helping you make informed decisions in a fast-paced business environment

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The Invest Room is a financial portal that focuses on the stocks market and on broader economic issues.

SECi.co.il is an Israeli website focused on providing comprehensive news and insights about information security and cybersecurity. This resource-rich platform caters to professionals in the field as well as the general public interested in staying informed about the latest developments in cybersecurity.


“The Stocker News” is a dynamic online portal dedicated to delivering financial news with a keen focus on the stock market. This website is an excellent resource for investors and financial enthusiasts who are interested in cherry-picking the best stocks and staying informed about the latest trends in the financial world.

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At ReadOn, dedication is the cornerstone of our mission. Our team is committed to excellence in every facet of publishing, from meticulously selecting and refining manuscripts to crafting engaging marketing strategies. We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to authors and their stories, ensuring that each book we bring to the market is not just published, but passionately championed. This dedication goes beyond the pages; it’s about nurturing a community of readers and writers, and being a reliable, supportive presence in the literary world. Each member of our team, from editorial to sales, embodies this dedication, working tirelessly to bring the joy and power of reading to as wide an audience as possible. For us, dedication is not just a word—it’s the essence of who we are and what we do at ReadOn.

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